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           ABOUT US

           Designer Kashmir a brand of Jersey Lily is UK based company with revolutionizing, designing and manufacturing world

           class Kashmir handmade products. Designer Kashmir has been at the forefront of the industry for years, leading the

           revival of authentic timeless collection of shawls and scarves. Our products represent the pinnacle of Kashmir craftsmanship

           that are unsurpassed for their quality, design and attention to detail. The Designer Kashmir was originated in the valley of

           Kashmir on an aspiration to carry ancient ageless Kashmir’s skilled craftsmanship and indigenous blend of products to showcase

           to the world. 



           Our aspiration is very fervent about revitalizing this magnificent ancient Kashmir craft using latest designs and techniques.

           The eventual goal is to realm the ancient Kashmir’s crafts in such a way, so that the world will recognize the hardship of

           our dedicated artisans who mastered this art their whole lives.  Our aim is to support and preserve the inheritance of the

           folks of Kashmir as sponsors to creative well-being of indigenous Kashmir art. We thrive on reinventing our new creative

           ideas using our vast experience in designing and developing our everlasting products that are unpanelled in present market.  


               Our Dream 

           Our dream is to encourage craftsmen of Kashmir find critical means of support to achieve their dreams and aspiration in

           enhancing their skills and artistry. We consider that such promotions will change the lives of artists of Kashmir valley in

           bring certainty in future jobs. The decorative charmingly handmade products shown in our stores are a testimony to the

           brilliant talent of these artists and our desire is driven by seeing them busy and doing their jobs at their best. Our aim

           is to help and partner with the artisans of Kashmir in exploring new frontier of Kashmir art and craft using their sheer

           skills and dedication.


                  Next Generation

           Our objective is to pass this beautiful Kashmir crafts for next generation and so our motivating passion is to help this

           artist community of Kashmir to present their work to rest of the world. It would have been impossible without the

           immense and on-going courageous effort of all our master craftsmen who over the generations have passed down the

           sophistications of Kashmir craft to their peers. The Designer Kashmir strives to make a transformation in the living

           standard of Kashmiri society and this tune is rooted in our work. 


                   Online Store

           We are leading the market when it comes to showcasing and share the spirit of Kashmir artistry using online medium,

           so that our products are seen and adore across the globe. We consider the online network presents the most excellent

           medium for enduring delicacy of Kashmiri craft and fashion vogue. Our voyage has just begun and there’s a long way to

           go before we can say with confidence that eternal Kashmiri craft has reached it panicle.