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Luxury Ivory white handmade multicolor chainstitch embroidery Cashmere Pashmina Scarf

For the fervent lovers of white, here is a white base in cashmere wool playing abode to vibrant flora crafted precisely in the charisma of the classical crochet hook cashmere chain stitch embroidery work, adding colour and passion to any outfit it is matching with. It is this proficient embroidery which adorned the plush wrap decorate it from top to bottom in an astounding series of flowers, maple leaves which lie ingrained within each other.
On viewing closely the craftsmen embezzle some brilliant efflorescence from the departed spring season and create flower motifs all over its smooth and comfy fabric. The floral charm of this wrap cuddles you in a warm hug, giving a comfort you never want to leave. Flaunt it yourself or gift it to a special one, this is just going to be awe-inspiring. Every piece of eternal attire you wear isn't just twisted of fate. It is the great endurance and hard work of artisans who work day and night efficiently and make exceptional pieces of craft to prettify you on special occasions. Such an artistry is this off-white wrap woven regally in the ultrafine cashmere wool and embellished with the crochet hook chain stitch work.

  • Size : 70 cm x 200 cm
    * Ultrafine Handmade cashmere wool
    * Handloom Kashmir Product
    * One of a Unique Wrap
    * Designer Kashmir Product
    * Lightweight and Easy to Carry
    * Premium Quality Product

  • Dry clean / Handwash
    * Wash Gently With Lukewarm Water With Organic Shampoo
    * Gently Agitate Your Scarf for 2- 3 minutes
    * Blot Dry Without Twisting
    * Allow It Air Dry Naturally Under The Shade
    * Use a Moderate Warm Iron With a Cover Sheet
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