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Authentic bridal handmade natural pashmina scarf/wrap

Set aside your own statement of style and gear up in this lovely and stunning handmade wrap with beautiful motifs dyed into its base of fine cashmere pashmina wool. The warm and plush wool adds to the comfort factor while the stylish pattern makes it classic to look at. Pretty to drape and comfortable in feel, let the soft embrace of this cashmere wrap caress you as subtly as is possible.The ingenious woven pattern delivers an abiding sophistication to this very extravagant pashmina wrap. Only the softest and apical quality Cashmere pashmina untangled from high altitude Changra goats of Ladakh has been used to weave this most stylish Cashmere wrap. This beautiful pashmina is amazingly versatile and can be dressed in a number of ways adorned gently on one shoulder or worn loosely for more comfort. Its soft touch and dazzling looks make it an essential pick, waiting to get a place in your fashionable wardrobe. Drape it elegantly with matching Jewels to cater the spell of sheer elegance as desired. 

  • SIZE: 70 cm x 200 cm
    * Handmade cashmere pashmina
    * Handloom Kashmir Product
    * One of a Unique Wrap
    * Designer Kashmir Product
    * Lightweight and Easy to Carry
    * Premium Quality Product

  • Dry clean / Handwash
    * Wash Gently With Lukewarm Water With Organic Shampoo
    * Gently Agitate Your Scarf for 2- 3 minutes
    * Blot Dry Without Twisting
    * Allow It Air Dry Naturally Under The Shade
    * Use a Moderate Warm Iron With a Cover Sheet
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