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Luxurious cashmere black and white chain stitch embroidery bridesmaid scarf/wrap.

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Wrap-up this season with our beautiful luxurious Chain stitch embroidered cashmere scarf. This scarf is set to a warm solid black and white tone which is versatile enough to wear with any outfit. Gift yourself with a soft embrace of this cashmere drape and flaunt your unique combination of comfort and style. Beautiful classical design with perfect embellishments.
This beautifully embroidered Cashmere Wrap is handcrafted by the finest artisans of Kashmir. On viewing closely this wrap will allow you to experience the superfine white colored embroidery over the black colored cashmere wool base.
Chain stitch embroidery is reminiscent of the era of Prosperous Kashmiri Heritage. Takes multiple days to make one piece. Its main features are the fine, concentric rings of chain stitch using a long hooked needle known as Aari Needle. In this technique, the thread is held below the cloth to be embroidered and the point of the Aari is pushed through the fabric to pick up and pull through to the surface a loop of thread. The point of the Aari is then again inserted into the fabric through this loop and the process is repeated so that a continuous line of chain stitch begins to be formed. An exclusive hand-picked collection of handwoven Hand-spun Pure Pashmina embroidered scarf presented by designer Kashmir.

  • SIZE: 70 cm x 200 cm
    * Ultrafine Handmade cashmere pashmina
    * Handloom Kashmir Product
    * One of a Unique Wrap
    * Designer Kashmir Product
    * Lightweight and Easy to Carry
    * Premium Quality Product

  • Dry clean / Handwash
    * Wash Gently With Lukewarm Water With Organic Shampoo
    * Gently Agitate Your Scarf for 2- 3 minutes
    * Blot Dry Without Twisting
    * Allow It Air Dry Naturally Under The Shade
    * Use a Moderate Warm Iron With a Cover Sheet
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