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Miro Rugs Tapestry

Miro Rugs Tapestry

For those of you who are inclined towards royal ethnics. The luxury feeling of our Miro Tapestry Rug collection, together with its exquisite array of lavish colours, instil a feeling that is warm, fresh, and created to endure for generations. Bursts of colour showcasing intricate details in petals, buds and paisley breathe excitement into this collection. Our beautiful Miro rugs are a perfect pick to reflect your artsy taste in that lounge of yours. To beautify your walls in a splendid panache, bring home our miro rugs and add elegance to the floor of your living room or bedroom. These rugs enhance the beauty of your home interiors. Each rug in this collection is one of a kind, made with the finest wool and silk, meticulously produced by skilled artisans.

Miro artwork never became fully non-objective nor did he resort to complete abstraction. He devoted his life to exploring various means by which to dismantle traditional precepts of representation. He balanced spontaneity and automatism with meticulous planning and precision and because of this, his artwork seemed plausibly representational in spite of considerable abstraction. Miro used bold and expressive colours.

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